Contribute to society adopting the permanent theme of
producing the best textiles from the best technical know-how
that makes the best use of nature’s resources.


Let’s expand our network of contacts to a world of clear blue skies that extends from the denim yarn created by Kaihara, always remembering that everything begins with the quality of a single thread.

Business attitude
  • Customer-oriented
    Speedily provide highly innovative products and service at a superior level of satisfaction.
  • Research and development
    Improve our unique skills and technical know-how that makes the best use of nature’s resources for the world.
  • Respect for all people
    Create an environment where wisdom is nurtured, emotion and harmony are heightened, and new strength is shared.
Code of conduct

We, the employees of Kaihara, shall respect:

  • Sincerity,
    responding to our customers in good faith
  • Humility,
    acting with a sense of humility with confidence and pride
  • Maturity,
    nurturing younger staff and making an effort toward self-improvement
  • Ingenuity,
    making resourceful decisions and taking initiative based on facts and reliable information
  • Dependability,
    creating a workplace with a positive atmosphere and a sense of solidarity