There is a traditional wisdom from "Shiki" (an ancient Chinese book), saying that "Although peaches and plums do not speak anything, a path is formed naturally. "It means that even though the peaches and plums say nothing, people are still attracted by their blossoms and luscious fruits. People visit the peach and plum trees from time to time, thus a path is formed. This phrase reminds us about the true nature of "Selected Enterprises." It is also our motto to guide us to manufacture excellent denim continuously.

We started as a manufacturing company for hand-woven indigo dyeing kasuri fabrics in 1893. With our innovation, we became the world's first manufacturer in broadloom kasuri fabrics. Foreseeing jeans boom in Japan in 1970, we developed the first rope-dyeing machine in Japan. At the same time, taking advantage of our expertise in indigo dyeing, we successfully transformed the kasuri making into denim manufacturing. Since then, we have been devoting all our energy in manufacturing high quality denim and delivering the excellent denim to our customers. We marked the 1970s by becoming the first mill in Japan using the "fully-integrated production system", which is essential for high quality manufacturing. Today, our products go to major brands around the world and our company has won high praise from home and abroad, securing the position of the so-called "Selected Enterprises".

Kaihara's attitude and passion towards manufacturing continues to be steadfast ever since the company began over 110 years ago. We will continue to provide the best quality denim in the way our customers expect: with exemplary service and innovation.