Inextricable Connection between Nature and Denim Production

Local rivers has been the precious resources for KAIHARA's indigo dyeing since the company was established in 1893. The word "Dye" (染) in Japanese character can be separated into four components: water(水), nine (九), ten (十) and eight (八). Water is essential for dyeing and denim production. It is our belief to protect our nature and coexist with it. We never stop producing denim in a responsible and sustainable way, especially with today's technology, we are making our every effort to further reduce the burden that might bring to our environment.

Denim - A fabric that is friendly to human and the Earth

Jeans were invented as workwear in the United States in the 1870s. Denim fabric was chosen as the material due to its superior durability. The strength of the heavy weight denim comes from cotton. The more you wear the jeans, the more it fits your body; also the beautiful fading. Nowadays, jeans is one of the most popular fashion item in the world but KAIHARA cherishes the original of jeans and dedicate to produce denim that is durable, sustainable and friendly to human and the Earth.