Since 1893

Why KAIHARA DENIM is chosen
from around the world

From No. 1 in Japan to the top manufacturer in the world

KAIHARA DENIM’s domestic market share is approximately 50%. It has been calculated that one out of every two pairs of jeans seen on the streets in any city in Japan is made with denim fabrics manufactured by Kaihara. Our energies have also been devoted to overseas expansion from early on, and we have exported kasuri fabrics to the Middle East since 1960s. Making the most of our global mindset we have cultivated over many years, we continue to expand our global market share, exporting denim fabrics to roughly 30 countries.
We are globally recognized as a top brand of denim, supplying a wide range of fabrics from high-end brands to fast-fashion brands, from big-name denim makers to lesser known makers.