Kaihara places importance on coexistence
with the nature and its ties to local communities.

As a responsible denim manufacture, we regard "coexistence with the nature" as an important mission.
We can only provide the best quality denim with the existence of natural cotton and indigo dyeing. At the
same time, we have to be cautious wiht our impact to the environment, such as air and water quality.
We must act to preserve and protect our environment that we rely on.
For example, we have set up our internal effluent treatment standards, which are far stricter than the national standard.
Our mills are also equipped with state-of-art effluent treatment facilities.
Our experienced technicians monitor the water quality regularly; they also work hard to explore a
new way to improve water quality. In addition, we will continue our dedication to nature and society by
performing our business practice in an ethical and environmental- friendly way.