Production Management Section, Production Planning Management Division
TETSUYA YAMAMOTOJoined the company in 2006
I was always into denim products.

Partly because I was always into denim products, I joined the local company Kaihara. I am in charge of production management. My tasks are to clearly understand delivery times, production schedules, and progress with respect to orders taken by our sales staff and to ensure smooth and reliable delivery of products. Because I am mainly in charge of management of the final finishing process in making denim, I feel the responsibility, challenge and reward at the same time. The time when good products are completed and ready to be shipped adds to my satisfaction. I would like to continue to do my best with my sleeves rolled up so that I can achieve work that is trusted by our clients and frontline staff.

Personnel Section, General Affairs Division
AYUMI TERAOKAJoined the company in 2016
I work to ensure that employees are experiencing fulfilling days in good health.

As a result of looking for a women-friendly workplace where I can do a challenging job, I found my way to Kaihara. After actually entering the company, I found that the atmosphere is friendly with each person approaching their tasks in earnest, and there is an environment where we can exchange opinions irrespective of age and position, so I enjoy performing my tasks with a feeling of fulfillment. Currently, I am mainly in charge of health and welfare benefits in the Personnel Section, and I work to ensure that employees are experiencing fulfilling days in good health. In the future, I would like to serve as a guide to tours at the Historical Museum and other PR activities, and further enhance corporate value.