Greetings from the President

Chair man, Kaihara Corporation

Yosiharu Kaihara

Bringing traditional production to the world.

Kaihara Co. Ltd. which celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018, continues to innovate as a globally leading denim company.
In 2016, in the midst of the domestic textile slump, we established our first overseas facility in Bangkok, Thailand. We are building a foothold for supplying denim fabrics to Asia, Europe, and the United States, further promoting globalization.
In addition to meeting customer needs, in order to create our own market, we have developed denim fabrics with various functions such as stretchability, permeability, fire-resistance, waterproof breathability and so on with partner companies. We are collaborating with not only apparel brands but also various manufacturers such as car manufacturers, watch brands, and lodging facilities, and are actively working on branding Kaihara Denim as a “lifestyle fabric”.
While taking on new challenges, not once have we forgotten our roots in starting out in the production of indigo dyed kasuri. High quality and productivity rooted in the spirit of traditional Japanese manufacturing is our company’s greatest strength. Going forward, as a denim supplier that embodies world-recognized Made in Japan products, we will continue to make strides toward innovation.