Greetings from the President


Mamoru Kaihara

Bringing traditional manufacturing to the world

I would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your continued exceptional support for Kaihara Corporation and its group companies.
Kaihara Corporation, which celebrated the 125th anniversary of its foundation in 2018, celebrates the 50th anniversary of starting its denim operations in 2020 and wishes to thank all of you.

[Basis of Kaihara]
In 1893, our company began manufacturing of indigo-dyed kasuri. The company at that time was known as “㋜” (encircled “su” in katakana), combining “su,” from the Japanese character of the revered founder Sukejiro, and a circle indicating could receive a high evaluation and deliver quality goods to our customers. To make quality goods, we need quality human resources and a quality environment. Our concept is to always keep in mind that we owe what we are to our predecessors who appreciated nature’s resources and made the best use of these resources and used the best technical know-how and methods and turned them into quality goods.

[Human development]
Each generation is surrounded by challenging situations. It is important to anticipate and prepare for change so that we continue to be with you now and into the future.
“温故創新 (Onko-Soushin)” is one of our corporate principles. This means to hand down quality old things and ideas in order to create the next future move. It is Kaihara’s strength to pursue authenticity by repeating trial-and-error approaches. In order to stay ahead of the changing times without waiting, we will continue to create a culture in which each employee, without fear of failure, sticks to principles and acts in pursuit of achievement with self-motivation.

[To become a globally-recognized leading denim company]
In the 1970s, as competition intensified with attention focused on jeans around the world, we moved into a new market as an emerging Japanese-made denim manufacturer. Based on the delicate techniques of dyeing, weaving, and processing, which we had cultivated during our time manufacturing kasuri, we established manufacturing know-how and quality for denim, and gradually earned trust from overseas. In 1991, we completed Japan’s first integrated denim manufacturing factory from spinning to finishing, by which we believe we have raised the quality level of Japanese-made denim. With the factory that was launched in Thailand in 2014 and the sales office in Hong Kong in 2019, our company continues to make bold advances while carefully assessing conditions around the world. We will continue to innovate with the aim of becoming a denim company that earns trust and credibility from everyone while realistically assessing the needs of customers both at home and abroad by exploring and making the best use of the infinite potential of our human resources.