Contribute to the Local Communities

Kaihara has a deep root in the communities for more than 120 years. We started our business as a Kasuri manufacturer, Kasuri is a traditional craftsmanship in Fukuyama City. Contributing to the local community is always our mission. One of the company's goal is to revitalize and develop the local communities by our denim production business.

Collaboration with the Local Companies

Kaihara has been certified as a "Fukuyama Brand" by the city government. To revitalize the local industries and strengthen the community attachment, KAIHARA has been collaborating with different local companies and brands. One of the sample is uniform making for Shinryu Miso, a long-established miso store Jinsekikogen-cho.

Pass Down Local Traditions to the Children

The KAIHARA History Museum, located in our head office headquarter, displays valuable tools from the Kasuri era. We also offer traditional indigo dyeing experience to the visitors. KAIHARA History Museum is a popular place for school trip for social studies.

Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing

In KAIHARA, we are constantly striving to improve the workplace environment so that employees can work in a safe, secure, and rewarding environment. KAIHARA introduces automatic spinning yarn transport equipment and the latest work support equipment to reduce employees' workload. To promote employee wellness and work-life balance, we offer paid leave and childcare leave.