Our greatest strength is the fully integrated denim production system that is unique in the world

Kaihara’s greatest strength lies in its fully integrated denim production system unique in the world. By performing all processes of making denim from spinning to finishing in-house, thorough quality control and stable supply are ensured. In addition, our own quality standards ensure that we ship only the denim fabrics that pass our strict inspection standards as Kaihara products. As a result, we have earned high trust from around the world.

High-quality natural cotton selected from all over the world

The most important thing in making denim is to select high-quality cotton as a raw material. Kaihara maintains an inventory of high-quality cotton from production areas such as the US, Australia, and Brazil. The cotton materials kept in stock are strictly inspected, and only those which have met inspection standards are used. This stabilizes the quality of yarns that is the raw material for denim, making it possible to provide a supply of denim that customers demand with high-efficiency and high-quality.

Kaihara Blue produced from traditional techniques and innovative technology

Kaihara was founded as a manufacturer of handwoven authentic indigo-dyed Bingo kasuri in 1893. It goes without saying that the indigo dyeing techniques that we have cultivated since our foundation are still in use. Even today, we regularly perform dyeing inspection in daily production, and we continue to produce Kaihara Blue with reproducibility and originality in pursuit of dyeing demanded by our customers.

Skillfully taking advantage of looms to make fabrics that our customers demand

In order to create denim that resonates with customer sensibilities, it is absolutely necessary to not only weave but also to adjust strength and flexibility through a combination of weaving methods (structural configuration) and yarn tension control. In addition, if a quality abnormality should occur, we have implemented methods to ensure that the equipment automatically stops and prevents defects from flowing to downstream processes. Prior to various changes in denim, we hone our technical capabilities, and turn them into higher-quality denim fabrics.

Creating number one products by development & proposal capabilities by anticipating trends

In testing, we can make a final confirmation on whether our products conform to customer-demanded quality standards by using JIS, ISO, AATCC, and our customers’ own standards. To ensure objectivity, we are also certified by a third-party organization. Items which do not meet quality requirements are immediately fed back to the previous process, where causes are investigated, and improvements are made based on the quality history of each process.