Globally selected high-quality natural cotton

The most important thing to produce quality denim is its raw material, cotton. Kaihara sources the best cotton from many countries including America, Australia, and Brazil and stocks it in large quantities in warehouses. Our thorough quality control enables us to maintain a stable supply of high-quality denim fabrics.

Kaihara Blue born from traditional and innovative technology

Kaihara was founded as a manufacturer of hand-woven indigo dyed kasuri. We have made the best use of Japanese indigo’s rich history of Indigo dyeing artistry into the craft of denim production. Today, we continue to further work on research and development of dyeing technology and creating new forms of the Japan Blue.

The catalyst for producing popular products lies in our ability to develop and propose new ideas by spotting trends ahead of time

What supports Kaihara's manufacturing is our ability to reliably meet demands and propose new ideas that anticipate the future. At Kaihara, our three divisions, “Sales”, “Technology”, and “Production” all come together for product development. Our sales staff in Tokyo and Hong Kong are constantly investigating and analyzing fashion trends, and by utilizing their feedback analysis, we are able to propose and develop innovative denim fabrics that are ahead of the times. Around one thousand new types of denim are developed by Kaihara each year. Many end up shelved in the warehouse, but such efforts lead to popular products being born.

The globally rare fully integrated denim production line is our greatest strength

Our greatest strength at Kaihara is our fully integrated production line for denim which is a rarity worldwide. By having all the manufacturing process done in-house, from spinning the fibers to finishing touches, we are able to have complete and thorough quality control and maintain stability in supply. We have also established our own quality standards, and only distribute products that have cleared our strict inspections. As a result, we have earned great trust globally.