KAIHARA production in harmony with nature

KAIHARA was established in 1893 as a weaving company producing traditional hand-woven indigo-dyed kasuri. Since then, we have continued to produce fabric in Fukuyama City of Hiroshima Prefecture. Even after switching to denim manufacturing, we continue our production in the same place with the blessing of nature and our understanding of the local communities. We are committed to reduce the wastewater and air pollution, to provide safety and satisfaction to local communities through the adherence to strict voluntary standards that exceed official standards. Environmental responsibility is at a global level now. We will conduct more comprehensive environmental conservation activities and establish a new "KAIHARA Environmental Policy" to enhance our sustainable manufacturing.

KAIHARA Environmental Policy

KAIHARA embed 3 pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) in the corporate philosophy: we support the growth of employees and the local communities; we operate our business in a sustainable way; we conserve the valuable natural resources.