Inspirational person’s Denim style.

A series of projects that introduce your favorite items such as denim with memories and growing denim in relay mode.The first guest is Sayori Tanaka, designer of the unisex fashion brand “TANAKA,” which is active in New York and Europe.

1.Blue Denim Style

Selvage denim jeans that a custom order made with recycled yarn for TANAKA by KAIHARA DENIM. The fading color by the washing process makes the denim’s color looks really nice.

I also love low rise waist trousers (UNFINISHED JEAN TROUSERS) that were popular in the spring/summer.The denim jacket (NEW CLASSIC JEAN JACKET), which is for in-store sales in the fall/winter collection, the design has a box silhouette yet with a fit compact, it can wear as an inner accent with a coat. And of course, in the spring/summer you can wear denim on denim by matching it with short pants like this styling photo. It is also good to match with a long dress, too.

A)Levi’s 3rd Big E denim jacket has a very nice wash color.

We can indeed wear the jacket only but we can also wear it underneath a coat, which is my personal style and it makes me feel comfortable.You can also see the adjusted trace at the belt area to fit the vest of the previous owner,too.I think I bought it from the Japanese owner vintage shop in Dambo, Brooklyn called Front General Store.

B)I have worn these red bear shorts jeans for quite some time. so, I don’t remember where I bought this. This is my summer standard wears.

It has an unclear charming vibe from this bear embroidered patch and beautiful indigo color. It’s seems like a Levi’s Red Selvage label has been cut off.

2.White Denim Style

C)For me, white denim is a basic item that able to wear throughout the year.

The tack-in styling just like the photo with the white wide pants jeans that bought from Front General Store. I think it’s from military/navy deadstock pants. The volume of the white color and a firm fabric texture gives a street and mature vibe and easy to styling.

D)The other is low white worker jeans made by KAIHARA DENIM as a special order for TANAKA. Now I’m wearing a prototype one, the design of these low white worker jeans is surprisingly suitable with a chic black item or styling with an accent color.

3. A.P.C./Dior Homme/ Levi’s Red 

Probably both are KAIHARA DENIM’s.

E)I bought these nice faded color A.P.C. used jeans from the shop in SOHO, New York.

F)I got this Dior Homme’s black-coated jeans from a store run by a former Margiela designer, which is open only on weekends in the flea market in Paris.

Both items are bought for research. Its have a very detailed design, made with beautiful tailor technique. The front bottom became the hook bottom, unique pocket dart design, the adjusted modern stitch is neatly sawed instead of sawing with basic chain stitch for jeans and the neatly flat tailor technique. I can learn a lot from these unique items.

It’s been quite some time since I last visit Tokyo.

So, I went to Dr. Denim Honzawa’s showroom in Akihabara and got these Levi’s Red cotton rayon denim setup made in the early 2000s. In Mr.Honzawa’s huge showroom these denim’s design suddenly catches my eyes. It has a greenish color inspired by the original Indigo color. The 3D silhouette that fits body shape is something that I wanted to study more about it. So, I have tried it on many times and carefully observe it. Mr.Honzawa saw me and kindly said “If you interest that much, you can have it!”. I really appreciate his kindness and will do my best on my research and make even better denim.



-Please describe your points of coordination and what you careful about wearing denim.

Usually, it’s not a casual style, but a combination of colors, materials, and designs that are different from denim textures, such as mode-like or street-like.The taste is borderless and I like to wear it freely.I like to match denim to various situations, and now I think the good thing about denim is that you can easily incorporate colors such as white and black.On the other hand, the used clothing look, which looks like it’s worn out old vintage, is also very cool, so sometimes I want to try it.

-What are the points when you choose the denim

I’m really concerned about the fit of what I wear myself.I want to look even a little better. I’ve designed denim because of my profession, so I buy rare vintage ones, cool ones with faded colors, designs that reflect the age, and designer-branded denim products with interesting denim fabrics and designs.


-What is your connection with the person that you suggest to us

Ms.Yoshimi Nagao / Creative Director of Takashimaya Department Store

I met her through a mutual friend at Paris Fashion Week. We usually meet out of the country while she on a business trip. She often visit me at an exhibition in Paris, sometimes meet up at a show venue or a bar. And recently, I was invited to her wonderful house in Tokyo, too. As a buyer, she has seen many things. That’s why I like to pay attention to her style because how she styling her jeans is very original/unique.

Joseph Au / Creative Director of Billionaire Boys Club, Icecream

I met him through my friend from New York. He always visits TANAKA’s exhibitions and we occasionally meet at the other event. He always has an enthusiastic vibe when he looks at various clothes. As you can imagine from his style, Joe is vintage savvy, having previously worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren. He is active in NY, making use of it in street creation.

Designer TANAKA

TANAKA is a Unisex Brand establish in 2017 in New York with the concept “Clothing that connects the past and next 100 years. Clothing that goes beyond time and gender.”Graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen with major in Apparel Fashion Design Department. Work as a planning division at Yohji Yamamoto FEMME”, “Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME”, and “Y’s for men”.Joined FAST RETAILING after gaining experience as a knit cut-and-sew designer, work as a women wears design team leader for UNIQLO in Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York.